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Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management solution that aims to improve sales and customer satisfaction though prompt administration and opportunity identification. It is designed to tackle all of the major hurdles for modern businesses in an effort to retain customers and win over new ones.

Based on a server-client system, Dynamics CRM can be purchased 1) to run on your own hardware, 2) to run on our servers for a hosting charge, or 3) you can use it as an online service in the Cloud from

What does Dynamics CRM 2013 Do?

Marketing is the key application of Dynamics CRM, as the software can easily handle all the steps – preparation, planning, execution, monitoring, and feedback. It is flawlessly integrated with Outlook and is just as easy to use. You can effortlessly import data, check it for duplication and inconsistency, and distribute it among the marketing team for better decision-making.

It will further streamline the whole process by making it more cost efficient and faster, thus decreasing the cost per lead. For example, it allows special lists, messages, and catalogues to be made tailored to the target audience. Making custom landing pages has never been easier.

To decrease the total Microsoft Dynamics CRM cost, the software tracks leads from discovery to conversion—so that your business can identify and utilize the most promising and profitable opportunities. Fantastic two-way synchronization ensures that your staff has the most up-to-date information, and e-mails while you make decisions based on real-time KPIs.

Important features such as reminders and milestone monitoring can also be automated so that your employees are free to dedicate time to other important actions.

Boost Sales and Efficiency

Improving sales figures is a top priority for MS Dynamics CRM 2013, and it has multiple features to drive down costs and improve sales department efficiency. It streamlines sale orders by facilitating information sharing between departments so that custom orders can be priced and placed quickly and accurately.

At BuyERP, we also understand that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM cost itself is a factor that can be intimidating, and we want to help drive that down too: as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, we work to guarantee that our prices are some of the lowest, and that you’ll get the most you possibly can out of your CRM software solutions.